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RoGold Ultimate

Remade Roblox UI

Experience the completely remade UI for Roblox that RoGold Ultimate provides.

Leveling System

Earn rewards simply by playing games on Roblox with RoGold Ultimate. With persistence, you may even find yourself on leaderboards!

Avatar Homes

Unlock new homes for your avatar to show off how cool you are. Visible on profile pages.

Infinite Scrolling

Easily navigate through your games and friends with our infinite scrolling feature. Works in many places throughout the site.

Disable Roblox Ads

Disable Roblox ads throughout the website, giving the website a clean look.

Track Playtime

Keep track of your playtime for every game you play on Roblox.

Track Unfriends

Be notified when someone unfriends you with RoGold Ultimate's unfriend detection feature.

Power Search

Use Power Search to easily find any game, group, profile, item, and more on Roblox.

Server Regions

View regions of servers on Roblox, and join the one closest to you for the best connection.

Pinned Games

Pin your favorite games to the top of the home page.

Pinned Groups

Pin your favorite groups to the top of the groups page.

Organizable Tabs

Organize your tabs on the games page to your liking.

Customizable Sidebar

Customize and add buttons to your sidebar.

Pinned Servers

Pin private servers to the top of the list, on games.

Quick Play

Quickly join any game with a convenient play button.

Live Game Stats

See the latest stat on your favorite games in real time.

Tiny Sidebar

A tiny, stylish, sidebar that doesn't take up half your precious screen space.

Quick Preview

Preview games or group with a simple hover.


See up to date values on items using our Rolimons powered trading features.

Disable Chat

Disable the Roblox chat with a simple toggle.

RoGold Badges

Show off your leaderboard position with an awesome profile badge.

Banned Users

Like the one in free RoGold, but a lot better.

Avatar Filters

Allows you to filter out items by price, creator, and keyword on the avatar page.

Multiple Accessories

Click any accessory on avatar page. We will let you equip it. (if Roblox allows it)

Group Stats

View when a group was created and their total place visits.

Locked Groups

View locked groups.

Bulk Unfriend

Unfriend anyone you please, with ease.

Best Friends

Favorite friends to always be able to access them quickly from your home page.

Streamer Mode

Hide your Robux, username, and more.

Private Server Subs

View and manage all your private server subscriptions, from the transactions page.

Themes (Coming early 2024)

Customize the look of your Roblox experience with a custom, powerful, theming system.

More To Come

We are always adding new features to RoGold Ultimate.

RoGold Ultimate: Developer Edition

Every RoGold Ultimate Feature

RoGold Ultimate: Developer Edition includes every feature from RoGold Ultimate, plus even more.

Roblox Studio Plugin

Get access to the Roblox Studio plugin where you can easily build UI, track studio time, code faster, and much more.

Desktop App

Get access to multiple awesome developer-exclusive features in our Desktop app!

Track Development Time

Keep track of how long you have been developing your game. (Needs Studio Plugin)

Quick Copy

Quickly copy any asset ID, user ID, group ID, and more.

Devforum Search

Search the Roblox Devforum directly from powersearch.

My Games Search

Search between your own and your groups games directly from powersearch.

Docs Search

Search the Roblox Developer Documentation directly from powersearch.

Desktop App
Available on Windows and macOS, Ultimate subscription required.
Shortcut Creator

Create desktop shortcuts to launch directly into games, private servers, or even studio games.

Discord Rich Presence

Show off what you are playing on Roblox and in Roblox Studio with Discord Rich Presence.

Studio Plugin Updater

Quickly update the Studio Plugin when a new version is released. (Developer Edition only)

Datastore Editor

Easily edit your game's datastore with a simple UI, directly from our app.

More To Come

We are working on adding new features to the Desktop App.

Studio Plugin
Available on any device that can run Roblox Studio, Ultimate Dev Edition subscription required.

See stats like the amount of parts, scripts and instances in your game.

Development Time Tracker

Tracks how long you spend working and idle in Roblox Studio. Counts towards your Ultimate XP.


Shows motivational quotes on the Dashboard while you are working.

Team Create View

Shows you who is in the Team Create session, and notifies you when someone joins or leaves.

UI Creation

Quickly convert units, position on the grid, create important instances, fit to parent, and more.

Code Snippets

Use our highly customizable code snippet system to quickly re-use any code you see fit.


Enable automation tools, customize camera speed, move a model to your camera, and more.

More To Come

We are working on adding new features to the Studio Plugin.

RoGold Free (and iOS)

Trading (iOS Only)

When doing trades with RoGold you’ll have more infos regarding your trade such as a value display

Pinned Games

Ability to pin each games on Roblox right into your homepage

Theme Creator

Customize the website with custom and premade themes. Go crazy!

Quick Buy

Quickly buy items from the catalog page without have to load the item page

Home Greeting

RoGold will greet you on homepage everytime you log in, just like the old Roblox

Quick Copy

Adds the abillity to easily copy Roblox ids in the browser Context Menu.

Streamer Mode

Hide your Robux, name and more! (Toggle with the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+1)

Bulk Unfriend

Unfriend multiple people at once.

Last Online

Show the last time a friend was online, on the home page.

Best Friends

See your best friends on the home page. (You can select them on your friends list.)

Random Accessory Finder

This will add a button to the catalog that will allow you to find a random accessory.

More Item Stats

See more stats for items in the catalog (Owners, hoarded, avg daily sales...)

Show RAP

This will toggle the ability to see RAP and collectibles on a players page.

View Banned Users

View banned users profiles. To use this go to https://www.roblox.com/banned-users/ adding a userid/username of a banned user at the end.

Outfit Copier

View and copy the outfits of other users. To use this go to https://www.roblox.com/outfit-copier/

Follows You

This will show you if a person is following you, on their profile page.

Multiple Hair

This will allow you to select multiple hairs at once (up to 10).

Server Join Link

Copy a joinable server link. This link will only work for RoGold users.

Easy Joins

Toggle the buttons to quickly join empty / faster servers.

Better Badges

Toggle the ability to see info about when you unlocked a badge on the game page. (And hidden badges)

Trending Sort

Toggle the ability to see the trending sort on the discover page. Data supplied by RTrack.

Abbreviate Robux

This will abbreviate Robux counts where applicable.

DevHub Search

This will toggle the ability to search the Developer Hub from the Roblox search bar.

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